Modul 3 HUMAN

Drawing people and portraits

tuesdays 6-8pm

How can I outline a person in a convincing position?
How to draw an expressive portrait?
Important for the realistic figurative representation is the compliance of the body proportions. We learn to internalize the basic framework of the human figure
in order to be able to draw the most diverse body positions. In the city, in the cafe, people have the most diverse body positions and are constantly changing. For this purpose, it is important to develop an eye for the essentials and to draw the figure sketchily in its attitude. This course also includes drawing portraits. We learn to recognize the facial proportions and learn to draw the individual facial expression. To practice we will draw each other, the people next to us or we will visit special sculptures in the city. Various techniques can be tried and individual projects included.

The price for 1 lessons (2hrs) is 20€, a package of 5 dates (recommended!) is 90€.

The next meeting will take place on 21st of August 2018.
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